Why do women like older men

International dating sites are full of the profiles of young girls from all over the world and enought adult men. What with is this phenomena caused – the attraction of old men for young women?

Explanation is based on deep psychological, physiological and social causes:
Physiologically Ukrainian women become adult and ready for creating family and giving birth to children quicker than men for 5 years in average. It is proved with scientific data. Since teenage years girls looks with more interest to an older boys, they are more interesting for them. So, while young guys are fooling around and have fun or study – girls are looking gor equal for their psycological status partners among older men.

Psycologically Russian women look for the partners of the same level of development – while young guys need only sex and easy relationship, they look for soul mates and confederates. And only more adult, calm and having experience of life men are attractive for them. The wisdom is got with age only, possibilities to discuss something, needs to have common points in relationship besides pretty appearance – these moments men reach only with age and experience. And these makes them more attractive for Russian girls and Ukrainian women.

The important role in creating serious relationship also play the social factors – if Ukrainian woman wants to create family – she will prefer a serious man with some financial base which can provide her life conditions during the pregnancy and then – children. Of course, to create serious family with young student for her is impossible.

Also, some other factors influence to the women's choice. As example, Russian women will sincerely prefer much older men if she had no father in her childhood. In such situation the difference in age can achieve 15-20 years and even more.

If Ukrainian woman is not self-convenient and prefers to give the right of leadership to the husband – she will choose older man.

In Russia and Ukraine exists the point of vision that young guys need a time in their youth for having fun and «heroic deeds» and only after it they become ready for normal life and creating family. And rarely clever women are ready to unite their fates with irresponsible young guys in this time.

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