What do Russian women like in sex?

Sex can unite people, and also separate. Necessary to remember it, especially if your partner belongs to other culture. Usually, people don't pay attention to these psychological differences, but they exist, and if you want to reach a harmony in a relationship – take it into account.

Sexual preferences of Russian women

Exist some differences in a vision of sex, which are typical for Russian girls:

In Russia exist a proverb: «Women love with ears». It sounds funny, but shows one of the basic moments in relationships – she needs to hear compliments, and much better if they are sincere. Say her sweet and subtle words with a silken voice and she will melt in your hands. Describe her with pretty words caressing. Words combined with touchings are the best way to show your wish. Also, they are an indicator for her – are you really interested or realize usual temptation, being trained.

Also are very valuable for Russian woman other types of no-contact caresses – with a glance, with voice, some care about her. Remember – for a sincere relationship much better your own talents in it, than playing a role of a gentleman. Playing roles you'll be tired soon and will wish to stay alone. Women are enough clever to understand your sincere feelings and appreciate it, even if you are not self-convenient and your attempts are clumsy.

Rare one among Russian woman considers sex as an affair for fun or a sport for health. A sexual act for them is a proof of close relationship, trust to each other. That's why most of them are not agree to go to bed at the first day of the acquaintance. It doesn't mean, as sometimes men think, that woman attempts to show herself expensive and press out some gifts or money from a man. She really can't do it, as you can“t to tell about your earning and other secrets to any bypass.

For any Russian girl emotional sphere, feelings to the partner in a relationship are more important than only a sexual act. Traditionally – borders in sex are made by a woman. At the beginning of the relationship don't try to show all your experience and skills in sexual sphere – you can scare a woman. Better during the first period of your relationship, while you are not accustomed to each other – to be careful and attentively research reactions of your beloved.